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Learn American Music History

Explore the history of American music and the cultural history of the United States in our innovative course that weaves together music and history. Build a timeline of American music in the context of major historical events.

Our American Music History course is an 18-lesson online class exploring the history of American music. Students will learn about the history of American roots music. Each lesson explores a different type of music with short video lectures, music, storytelling, geography, and history. Students learn to recognize different genres and understand the important contributions to American culture from diverse music pioneers throughout history.

Each lesson inspires critical thinking, cultural understanding, and appreciation for music.

Students explore the history of American music including blues, jazz, rock and roll, soul, country, rap, punk, and more as we build a timeline of American Music.​ Beautifully designed on the Canvas platform, the course aligns with UC A-G California State Standards for visual and performing arts and the ethnic studies model curriculum.

Enroll in our award-winning American Music and Cultural History course and explore the history of American music and culture. This engaging and important course may be taken as a semester or year-long course.

Only $195 for our American Music History signature course!

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