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Patti Compton


Music History Hall

Patti Compton designs music and cultural history courses exploring the history of American music and the cultural history of the United States utilizing instructional design best practices and content-rich curriculum aligned with California State Standards and Common Core guidelines.

As the Communications Director for Omega Events, host of a music history show/podcast PLAY SOMETHING SWEET on KXFM 104.7, and the Co-Founder and President of nonprofit Music Preserves Foundation in Orange County, California, Patti is dedicated to inspiring and educating about the rich, cultural history that is found by exploring the roots of American music.

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"I founded Music History Hall to enable these important cultural lessons to inspire as many students as possible to appreciate American music, its creators, and their cultural contributions."

- Patti Compton

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How heavy is the workload for the student?

Students progress through a new lesson each week at their own pace. Lessons include short video lectures, curated music playlists, videos, reading excerpts, and weekly activities. The total time to complete the lesson and activity each week is approximately three hours.

What schools do you work with?

Music History Hall is currently an approved vendor at several charter schools in California including Sage Oak, Compass, Epic, Sky Mountain, Ocean Grove, South Sutter, Granite Mountain, BEST Academy, and EXCEL Academy. If you would like for us to become a vendor at your public, private, or charter school, we would be happy to apply for vendor status. Please send a note to

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