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Welcome to Music History Hall

Music History Education

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Looking for the perfect music appreciation or cultural studies course...

American Music History is an engaging music appreciation and cultural studies course.

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Music History Hall

Explore the History of American Music

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Who our courses are designed for...

Students in grades 7-12 who are interested in learning the history of American music.

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Our Partners

Music History Hall is an Approved Vendor at the following Charters:

Sage Oak - Compass - Epic - Sky Mountain - Ocean Grove - South Sutter - Granite Mountain - BEST Academy

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Download the Free Course Outline

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What students will learn about...

The history of American music brilliantly weaved together through captivating lessons that trace the history of blues, jazz, country, rock and roll, soul, rap, punk, and more in the timeline of American history.

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American Music History

Discover the history and cultural significance of American music as we explore cultural history through music with engaging lectures, music playlists, artwork, historical photography, activities, and discussion in this award-winning, innovative, and fun course!

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Why Music History Hall...

Music History Hall develops content-rich courses that keep students connected and engaged as they develop an understanding of American music and cultural history. Our rigorous standards-aligned American Music History course examines the timeline of American history through multiple perspectives as students build knowledge through the study of American music.

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What parents and students say...

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The content was unique. It was original in the way the lessons introduced the roots of music. My son came in not understanding that there is an evolution to music that is reflected in the music he listens to today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How heavy is the workload for the student?

Students progress through a new lesson each week at their own pace. Lessons include short video lectures, curated music playlists, videos, reading excerpts, and weekly activities. The total time to complete the lesson and activity each week is approximately three hours.

What schools do you work with?

Music History Hall is currently an approved vendor at several charter schools in California including Sage Oak, Compass, Epic, Sky Mountain, Ocean Grove, South Sutter, Granite Mountain, and BEST Academy. If you would like for us to become a vendor at your public, private, or charter school, we would be happy to apply for vendor status. Please send a note to

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